Saul Chessin


You Love Me (Single)

Call it Intuition, I am on a mission.. I can feel the friction

Saul Chessin really brings the soulful R&B Vibe to the party with their latest single ‘You Love Me’ Delicate percussion and the lively piano hits give this a real classy feel. The vocalist sounds great on this track with the added layer of effect on the vocals it just oozes class.

The whole song gives off a Jazz/Soul mixed with R&B feel. Imagine being in an upper class gathering drinking martini out of a diamond encrusted glass. That is the vibe we get from this track, a beautifully engineered single from the musical act found in the Pacific Northwest.

The mastering on the track is well done, with the vocals being in the forefront which really adds that extra Flavour on ‘You Love Me’ – The instrumental is very tight too, with the delicate aforementioned percussive instruments complimenting the piano hits and bass.

We thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed listening and reviewing this piece of music, which transported us to an upper class New York Bar. The only one issue; is this is excellent to listen to for them chill out sessions. We wouldn’t find ourselves listening to this day in/day out. Nonetheless, a beautifully crafted musical piece that really shows the quality of this genre.

Listen here…

@ChessinSaul on Twitter

Mastering – 8.5/10
Lyrics/Melodies – 9/10
Originality – 8/10
Production – 9/10
Progression/Delivery – 9/10

AweScore – 87% 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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